Welcome to Plus Friends network

The first exclusive social network for people with HIV.

Plus-Friends Social Network.

Our goal is to empower you to get what everyone wants and deserves in life -- connection, love, and support.
We provide everyone in our community with a caring, non-judgmental environment to share daily activities just like your favorite traditional networks.

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Plus Friends Social Network
is the First for HIV+ People

Plus-Friends is the first social network for HIV-positive people. We aim to extend the opportunities for everyone living with HIV to communicate on a global basis. We are doing so by providing a safe, confidential, and optimistic atmosphere in which to meet other HIV-positive friends.
Modern medicine is rapidly advancing treatment for HIV. Plus-Friends provides a place to share our opinions and experiences so that we can all make better decisions.

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Connect. Who Will You Meet?

Plus-Friends offers endless opportunities to socialise and make new connections.


Check out our unique groups or create one of your own such as new music or music venues, home entertaining tips, fabulous recipes, home décor ideas, or trending fashions from any fashion scene you might follow. Groups may be open or by invitation


Connect with other people living with HIV around the world. Broaden your network of friends and even potential business opportunities. Are you a dance instructor, makeup artist, potter, or musician? Share a brief teaching video. You may inspire others. Who knows, you might even make a love connection.


Get up and get out! That’s right. We are giving you hundreds of new reasons to get out and socialize. Watch for surprise events, join in organized activities, and even participate in group travel with others you meet on Plus-Friends. Take it to the next level by planning an event in your hometown. There’s no time like the present to celebrate life. At Plus-Friends we make it a point to celebrate each and every day.


Explore Plus-Friends and watch us grow. Discover new ideas, creative outlets, social prospects, healthier lifestyles, observations on aging with HIV, potential business opportunities, new friends, and so much more – perhaps even the love of your life. Discover Plus-Friends. Who will you meet?

Support. It’s What We Do.

Our Plus-Friends platform makes it possible to explore life in an environment that is supportive of HIV positive lifestyles.

Here among friends, you are free to be you. Plan dates, set up special events, establish groups with shared interests, or just hang out. You can explore what you love without fear of rejection -- whether it is your love of art or architecture, pets or people, photography or painting, cooking or dining out, indoor or outdoor activities. The opportunities are limitless.
We have incredible, big plans coming on Plus-Friends and we cannot wait to tell you all about them. Our events are fun and informative, and some are just plain fun! Don’t waste another minute sitting alone and wondering about the future. Join us now on Plus-Friends.
Who will you meet?

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Love. It’s Why We Do It.

Everything we do at Plus-Friends is about bringing people together and empowering them to be themselves. We take away the awkwardness of having to conform to the ideas and misconceptions of what it means to have HIV.
We celebrate the unique gifts that each person brings to Plus-Friends. We believe in your right to celebrate life and live well. We hope you will enjoy our Plus-Friends network, and that you find it to be an excellent place to connect with new people, be supported by friends, and perhaps even discover love! That’s Plus-Friends.
Who will you meet?

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